How to Choose between 1S, 2S and 3S LiPos For a multirotor copter

As a concrete example: according to the product description page I found for MT 1306 motors, it will run on either 1S lipo battery or 2S 7.4v lipo. So, which voltage will provide the best value in terms of optimal AUW and flight time (without compromising maneuverability)?

The manufacturer told me in an email that, with a 3 blade 5″ propeller, the AUW ought to be:

The AUW for quad should be around 400-520 grams.
The AUW for hex should be around 600-780 grams
The AUW for octo should be around 800-1040 grams.

In the beginners guide sticky at the top of the multirotors forum, Balu has this to say:

“What kind of lipo batteries for RC cars you need depends a lot of your multirotor model, how you want to fly and the motors you use. But a beginner should follow this little tip: 4S 11.1v lipo battery powered multirotors are for the experts. 3S lipo battery setups are for everyone else.

3s lipo battery makes it very fast and will result in some broken parts for sure. 2s is a tamer setup but still has plenty of oomph. Look on the traxxas website bumps up the top speed of it significantly.

4S batteries will result in a fast and really agile multirotor - too agile in fact for a beginner. Start slow and learn how to fly before trying to do more crazy stuff.” Here I recommend Gens Ace 4s lipo batteries RC, Gens Ace LiPo batteries are made by a specialized factory that also manufactures packs for well-known premium brands. Glacier batteries are great for sport and 3D pilots, as well as competition drivers.

Balu has it right. 4S offers much but is heavy and requires more thought and skill to build with and fly with. Both will work (so will 2S lipo battery), but 4S will likely incur a steeper learning curve and multirotors already have a pretty steep curve to navigate.

It depends on experience, but the question hints toward a little light on the stick time. In that case Generally I recommend leaning toward 2-3S lipo battery, depenging on the size of the frame. you’ll want enough power to have good contorl over the platform, but not so much it can easily outrun your reaction time. 3S lipo battery for a frame appropreatly sized to that motor should work well. don’t expect long flight times — a 3S2200 (get 30C lipo battery or better) should yield about 7-9 min of hover time, or 4-6 minutes of crazy flight (eventually), but by the time you’re up to speed, it’s a matter of buying a new battery and swapping out for smaller props and a 4S3000 should give you much better flight times.

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