Balancing Li-Po battery packs

When talking about balancing Li-Po battery packs, we’re not talking about finding their correct Centre of Gravity! Instead, the balance refers to the voltage of each cell in a pack relative to the other cells.
Balancing is required however on any RC LiPo battery pack that has more than one cell since the charger can’t identify [...]

The Characteristics of Li-Ion/Polymer Battery

The nominal voltage of a Li-Po battery cell is 3.7V (about 4.23 V when fully charged). Two and three cell batteries are available giving us a choice of 7.4 or 11.1 volts. Li-Po batteries can provide substantial current, 6A continuously and 12A for short (30-second) bursts. Li-Po cells have a flexible, foil-type (polymer laminate) case. [...]

Gens Ace Lipo Battery Guide

Gens Ace Lipo batteries are intended for use with radio controlled models only. R/C applications vary too greatly to cover every possible use in these instructions. The user must accept the duty to make smart and safe decisions about their desired application to avoid possible abuse and misuse. Non-R/C uses are not intended nor approved.

Tricks Standard battery voltages

Lithium polymer batteries are light and powerful, but they can’t be run completely flat or they are ruined. I’ve been using them for several years to fly model planes, so I have plenty of them around. I’ve also been using them at Raspberry Jam meetings to power some of my Pi demos.
The main “issue” with [...]