What is the capacity of 6-cell battery

What the hobby/RC world calls a “6S” battery is six lithium-ion (typically Lithium Polymer, or “LiPo”) cells, wired in Series, then packaged together with a 7-pin balance charging connector that allows a charger to sense/charge each cell individually, along with a fat 2-pin connector (often XT60 format) that delivers the series output of the battery [...]

How to Choose between 1S, 2S and 3S LiPos For a multirotor copter

As a concrete example: according to the product description page I found for MT 1306 motors, it will run on either 1S lipo battery or 2S 7.4v lipo. So, which voltage will provide the best value in terms of optimal AUW and flight time (without compromising maneuverability)?
The manufacturer told me in an email that, with [...]

Some Tips Help you Know More About Lipo battery

Lithium Polymer or LiPo batteries are a great new way of storing energy for portable devices from cell phones, home electronics to RC batteries lipo packs used in cars, boats and flight. They’re great because they can store 350% (approximately) more energy than a typical NiCd/NiHm battery pack and weigh 10% – 20% less. They [...]

The Lithium polymer Batteries Technology

Lithium polymer batteries are now being widely used in hobby and UAV applications. They work effectively because they can hold a large amount of current and are lighter than nickel metal and ni-cad batteries. But with this improvement in RC battery lipo life come potential hazards.
Gens Ace lipo battery
Voltage and Cell Count:
Lipo battery act [...]

Some Warm Tips of Gens Ace Lipo Batteries

Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery chemistries cannot be overcharged without damaging active materials. The electrolyte breakdown voltage is precariously close to the fully charged terminal voltage, typically in the range of 4.1 to 4.3 volts/cell. Therefore, careful monitoring and controls must be implemented to avoid any single cell from experiencing an overvoltage due to [...]

3.7v lipo battery packs are usually recyclable

Lipo battery packs can be had inside relatively large ability variants, and will become energized whenever you want inside their obligation routine. Nmh functions properly any time cool, then one chargeable Lipo RC battery can save you coming from getting and also removing tons or even a huge selection of individual utilize battery packs. These [...]

RC lipo battery would be the essential

Little RC battery companies as well as large automobile companies particularly precisely what this suggests: an essential action in the direction of changing crossbreed vehicles from the market attention with a crucial trend all through automobile architectural. 3s 11.1v lipo battery would be the essential. Ultimately not long ago, most of us wakened as well [...]

What Can You Do to Fix Your Lipo Battery

Does your rechargeable Lipo battery for the RC Lipo battery exercise appear to be not really obtaining a complete cost? Or possibly it doesn’t operate so long as this do whenever brand new? In the event that indeed, after that it might be struggling with “memory effect” meaning it’s not obtaining a complete cost. This [...]